There are many important flora in Uttarakhandi which have medicinal properties. Nature has given this place many miraculous medicines, which the locals have been using for centuries. In the past, many of them have been using these plants for the treatment of many diseases. People in remote areas in the mountains keep themselves healthy by using these vegetation in everyday life. One of them is Timur. People who are also called hill neem.

People use this plant in the mountain as a denture. Apart from this, this plant is also used to cure many other diseases.

Known by many names

The Latin name of this medicinal plant known as Timur in Kumaon, Timaru in Garhwali and Tejowati in Sanskrit is Xanthozylum armatum. The tree is 10 to 12 meters in length. Each part of this plant is rich in medicinal properties.

Beneficial for teeth and teeth 
Datun is used like neem in Timur mountains. It is a thorny tree, which bears small fruits and chewing these grains also produces foam. It is a perfect medicine for toothache, any type of problem related to teeth is overcome by toothache or chewing rash from its twig.
It is also known as the best medicine for gum disease like pyorrhea.

Also works as an acupressure 
Its dry twig is also very strong, it is also often used as sticks, as well as being used as acupressure due to its granulation.

Mouth freshener works 

Its seeds are used for mouth freshener, anthelmintic as well as stomach diseases. A chemical called leenalol found in seeds acts as an antiseptic.

Keep blood pressure under control 

Timur is rich in medicinal properties. A drug made from its twigs controls blood pressure. The powder of its leaves is used in making tooth powder useful for teeth.


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