Oats can be eaten not only by cooking, but also helps in weightloss.

Oats can be eaten not only by cooking, but also helps in weightloss.

Oats are the best option of healthy breakfast. Due to the nutrients present in oats, people like to eat it for breakfast. Many of us take oats cooked for breakfast, but do you know that raw oats are more beneficial? Yes, oats can also be eaten raw as whole grains and are more beneficial for health than cooked oats. Raw oats are rich in fiber, calories, carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium. So get into the habit of soaking it.

If you want to eat raw oats then soak it for few hours before eating. It consists of fiber and plant-based proteins. While people usually like to cook it as porridge, eating it cooked reduces its nutrients. Let us know the advantages of raw oats.

Helpful in reducing weight

Raw oats are very helpful in losing weight because it is full of high fiber which makes you feel full for a long time. It also helps to suppress hunger (food craving).

Heart to heart 

Blood pressure can be avoided by eating raw oats and it also improves heart health. High BP is associated with heart disease. So if blood pressure is correct, then chances of heart diseases are also less.

Makes the bowel strong

Eating raw oats strengthens the gut condition. It is very effective in eliminating constipation or related problems.

Beneficial for diabetes patients 

Raw oats contain beta-gluten, which aids in lowering blood sugar levels. It helps to balance insulin which makes it extremely effective for type 2 diabetes patients. It helps to control digestion and blood sugar by stabilizing the production of insulin.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Soluble fiber called beta-gluten in oats helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels. It also affects metabolism by absorbing cholesterol and balsa salt, which reduces bad cholesterol.


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