Oral or physical sunscreen – what is better?

Oral or physical sunscreen - what is better?

There is no doubt that the sun’s bright rays are harmful to our skin. They go deep into the skin and damage it and can cause serious skin diseases. This not only damages the top layer of the skin, but also reduces the natural oil of the skin. Not only this, it can cause many skin-related problems:

Aging marks such as fine lines and wrinkles

Sunburn, Tan and Pigmentation

Dry skin

Natural skin tightening and collagen reduction

Skin cancer and actinic keratosis may occur in severe cases

Damage to the connective tissues of the skin

For this reason, the trend of sunscreen protection has increased and now not only the cream of sunscreen but also the food medicines, drinking sunscreen, UV monitoring bracelet, injection and UV tracing app have also come. There is a lot of discussion about oral sunscreen at this time.

Physical sunscreen

Cream is applied on the skin and there are many brands of sunscreen in the market. You should choose sunscreen according to your skin type and time of sun exposure.

They do not allow the sun’s harmful rays to reach the skin and protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.
They are waterproof and do not die even when exposed to water.
Prevents premature aging and freckles.
You should use sunscreen every three hours.
Since it covers the skin completely, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer.
This is the most economical way to avoid sunlight and harmful rays of the sun.
It protects against sunburn, pigmentation and tan.


It needs to be applied again and again after every three hours.
It is difficult to apply sunscreen all over the body, so people find it a mess.
Many people do not like applying sunscreen cream.
This protects only the part from the sun where it is planted.

Oral sunscreen
Tablets are consumed in this. These pills provide protection from the rays of the sun. They act as antioxidants that protect skin cells by preventing free radicals and preventing sun damage.

This is a very easy way to avoid the sun’s rays.
This gives protection to the whole body.
There is no need to apply it again and again in a short period of time.
A better choice for holidays and excursions.
It is easily available at many stores.

It is not as effective as sunscreen lotion as it works on the whole body.
It is very economical compared to sunscreen lotion.

Physical sunscreen or oral sunscreen

There is no doubt that in today’s time sunscreen has become a necessity but you should choose sunscreen according to your skin needs. Physical sunscreens are best for avoiding sunlight, but oral sunscreens are also necessary and do not need to be applied frequently. Apart from this, there is no problem of applying oral sunscreen.


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