6 Important Aspects in the Journey of School Franchise in India Ventures

School Franchise

Education gained importance in India only after independence. Since then, literacy rates have increased up to 75%. Our country is one nation, which has adopted English as the first language in most of the schools. This proves that we Indianshold an edge while seeking jobs and higher education in the international forum over other countries. Our education system encourages technology. Through Digital India, education has been balanced between digitization, physical activities and quality subjects. School franchises have played an important role here. Here are six important aspects in your journey of opening and running aschool franchise in India,

  1. Having a reputed brand name, no doubt, imparts success to any educational institution. For example, the recent history has proved that owing to the success of many known school brands, franchising has become more relevant.
  2. In pre-schools, many eminent chains are flourishing and spreading their branches into almost every other disconnected corners of the country.
  3. Enormous trust has been developed among parents, through the unparalleled educational services towards children by the subsidiaries (Franchisees). At business, desired returns on investment have been achieved.
  4. There are other reputational schools, which have followed the similar pathway(s) and are striving towards attaining national success. The journey has just begun, and there is a vast scope of exploration.
  5. Franchisee schools, stand an edge over other self branded institutions on getting admissions. It’s never a long wait for the former to achieve the numbers in terms of students, as the reputation is already built and trust reposed.
  6. The franchising business isn’t a very old strategy that has come into playing. The model owes its quick prominence to the scarcity of famed educational institutions in forlorn parts of our country.

Onto genesis in School Franchise Opportunities

Our politicians have always laid emphasis on the minimum of elementary education for the children of India in their manifestos. However, it wouldn’t have been possible with only a few government sponsored facilities sprawling here and there.Government schools might impart education but the requisites for overall grooming of a personality are still not incorporated in the modules. With growing school franchise opportunities, such ventures are becoming popular; it has become imperative that students are involved in overall training and amplification of personal traits along with bookish knowledge. School franchises have been seen attaining licenses like affiliation of the school along with other legal formalities faster than their counterparts and project an immediate visibility alongside recognition in any place where they are located.Franchising of schools is a different ball game altogether. Even international brands are capturing Indian markets to make their presence felt here. The enterprising model has simultaneously emerged as an entrepreneurship and employment opportunity for several people. Ladies especially, after taking a minimal NTT(Nursery Teachers Training) can grab a teacher’s job in any pre-primary school. The idea is to learn and teach in a secured environment mingling with children and showing new avenues of purpose to the young generation. For any help in materializing your dream of opening a school franchise in India, Shri Educare can be the perfect mentor!


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